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Live from a landfill

What's so hard about putting a number on greenhouse-gas emissions?

Scouring Bangladesh

FEATURE: The effect on lives and livelihoods of the holes in Bangladesh's rivers

For peat's sake

FEATURE: UK peat performs a valuable environmental service: will you pledge to protect it?

Working together for clear water

How are scientists working with water companies to keep our drinking water clear and safe?

Scouring Bangladesh

For peat's sake

Working together for clear water

Live from a landfill

Graneledone octopus

Deep-sea asphalt mounds found off west African coast

Rare habitat plays host to rich variety of animals.

15 December 2014


Trawling makes for skinny flatfish

Fishing method makes fish work harder for less nutritious food.

10 December 2014

Richard Hollingham

Walking with dinosaurs on Britain's Jurassic Coast

How mapping exposed dinosaur tracks can tell us about their past.

3 March 2015

Potato planting

How climate change could affect the potato

Understanding weather extremes will help farmers plan ahead.

18 February 2015

The world's first drone-based in-situ precision measurement of CO2 concentrations

Live from a landfill

28 May 2015

What's so hard about putting a number on greenhouse-gas emissions?
Grant Allen describes some distinctly unglamorous fieldwork aimed at doing just that.

An important part of our research is investigating how reinforced riverbanks, like this one at Chandpur

Scouring Bangladesh

Hidden from view at the bottom of Bangladesh's large rivers are gigantic holes up to 50m deep.

20 March 2015

Planet Earth magazine cover

Spring 2015

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