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X-ray of leaf fossil

Using X-rays to look inside ancient leaves

Synchrotron imaging shows up biochemistry of 50Mya leaves.

22 July 2014

Wildflower meadow  at Swinethorpe

How an urban meadow is boosting biodiversity

What does urban greenery mean for wildlife and well-being?

8 July 2014


Could injured dinosaurs help modern medicine?

How dinosaurs' skeletons reveal secrets about their lives.

24 June 2014

Damaged sand dunes

Storm surges and their effect on coastal sand dunes

How quickly do sand dunes recover from storm surge erosion?

10 June 2014

Cumulonimbus over the lake at Quistococha

Insects, sediment and climate change

How midges are providing a unique insight into climate change.

27 May 2014

Wind and rain

The storms that hit southwest England

Lessons to be learnt from last winter's devastating storms.

13 May 2014

River Taff

River pollution and its effects on birds

How banned chemicals are still turning up in Britain's birds.

29 April 2014

Air pollution

How to tackle air pollution

Only a third of traffic pollution comes from car exhausts.

15 April 2014

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