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National Oceanography Centre

Robots to map marine life in key fishing areas

The trial is the biggest of its kind in British waters.

14 October 2014

Plastic rubbish

How plastic pollution may harm marine life

Tiny pieces of plastic may harm fish, birds and other marine life.

30 September 2014

Petri dish

Linking sewage treatment with antibiotic resistance

Sewage plants could be helping spread antibiotic resistance.

16 September 2014


How marine life responds to underwater noise

Exploring the effects on fish of building offshore wind turbines.

2 September 2014

Peppered moth

The evolution of the British peppered moth

Scientists explain how the black peppered moth changed colour.

19 August 2014

Cars on an icy winter road

Measuring air quality from a car

Why scientists are using electric cars to monitor air pollution.

5 August 2014

X-ray of leaf fossil

Using X-rays to look inside ancient leaves

Synchrotron imaging shows up biochemistry of 50Mya leaves.

22 July 2014

Wildflower meadow  at Swinethorpe

How an urban meadow is boosting biodiversity

What does urban greenery mean for wildlife and well-being?

8 July 2014

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