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Spotted bowerbird

Western or spotted bowerbird.

Bowerbirds, a yellow sub and measuring CO2

20 July 2010

This week, Richard Hollingham finds out that bowerbirds are not just brilliant at making elaborate bowers, they're also good at mimicking other birds and pretty much most sounds they hear – including human voices.

He also goes to a Scottish forest to meet researchers from the University of Edinburgh who are using a 220-metre high TV tower to measure greenhouse gas concentrations from across Scotland and all the way to Ireland and even as far as Canada. You can see pictures of the tower on our Facebook page.


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The Planet Earth podcast - 'Bowerbirds, a yellow sub and measuring CO2 '.

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Lastly, during Richard's recent trip to the Arctic onboard the RRS James Clark Ross, he spoke to a scientist who explained how a small yellow submarine is helping scientists understand much more about Arctic ocean currents. Again you can find out more about Richard's Arctic trip on his blog and in the last Planet Earth Arctic special podcast – see the links to the right.

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